EDU Mandarin is an exclusive learning center for learning mandarin as second language. It is fully owned by the Mandarin Discovery Private Limited Company. We started our operations by renting  classrooms around KL areas since early 2005 when mandarin learning culture is yet to be popular in the market.

Mandarin Discovery Private Limited (1066400-M) was established on 16th October 2013. It was successfully registered as “Pusat Perkembangan Minda EDU Mandarin” (BZ3G973) with the Education Ministry of Malaysia to run educational programs.

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Our headquarter is located at Taman Melawati and we do have branches in Petaling Jaya, Taman Tun, Shah Alam, Kajang & Puchong. We are specialized in teaching mandarin as second language for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. We provide different services as follow:

  • Mandarin course for beginner who do not have any Mandarin language background.
  • Mandarin course for Malay students who enrolled in Chinese primary school.
  • Mandarin enhancement course for those who have limited Mandarin learning background.
  • Chinese character course for those who can speak and understand Mandarin but couldn’t read Chinese character.
  • Online learning via Zoom / Skype for those who wish to learn mandarin but are staying too far away from  our branch.
  • HSK exam (Chinese Proficiency Exam was conducted by the China Government) services. Inclusive of trial exam, registration and per-examination consultation.
  • Sell Chinese learning materials (books and CD), exam-related book and CD and others (mandarin learning related materials)

Please Whatsapp with us or call us directly at +6016-622 8057 / +6012-903 6155 or Email: [email protected]

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Or visit to: https://www.mandarinclass.my/v2/distance-learning-solutions-2/ 

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All Available Courses

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Children & Adult One to One Class

 1) All Levels Individual Class (One to One): RM40-80 per Session  Open: start anytime

Adults Zoom Group Class

2) Level 1 Part 1: Basic Level: RM150 for 10 hours: Open: New Intake: 12 January 22

3) Level 1 Part 2: Basic Level: RM150 for 10 hours:  Open: New Intake: 14 December 21

4) Level 2 Part 1 (HSK1 Consolidated Class): RM200 for 10 hours: Open: New Intake 12 January 22

5) Level 2 Part 2 (HSK2 Preparation Class) RM250 for 10 hours: Open: New Intake 21 October 21

6) Level 3 Part 1 (HSK3 Preparation Class) RM300  for 10 hours: Open: New Intake 13 January 22

7) Level 3 Part 2 (HSK3 Consolidated Class) RM350  for 10 hours: Open: New Intake 7 October 21

8)Level 4 Part 1 (HSK3 Preparation Class) RM350  for 10 hours: Open: New Intake 13 January 22

Children Zoom Group Class

9) Level 1 Part 1: Basic Level (Child): RM250 for 10 hours: Open:New Intake 18 January 22

10) Level 1 Part 2: Basic Level (Child): RM250 for 10 hours: Open:New Intake 10 January 22

11) Level 2 Part 1: Basic Level (Child): RM300 for 10 hours: Open:New Intake 19 January 22

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Mandarin Classes (Physical \ Online)

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