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Ready Stock: Mandarin Textbook for Beginner: New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook 4 (2nd edition) 新实用汉语课本 4 第二版

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New Practical Chinese Reader 4

Published by Beijing Language and Culture University

New Practical Chinese Reader 4 (NPCR 4) is published by Beijing Language and Culture University. It is a series of Mandarin Learning textbook written specially for those whom their mother tongue is in English. NPCR consists of 70 lessons in six volumes, covering discussions on different topics each. This book is not merely taking HSK Chinese Proficiency Test sample as its guidelines but it also serves as an important material in foreign language teaching through the China language structure, language function as well as the Chinese cultural knowledge that is included in each chapter.

Besides, the text article of NPCR 4 is gradually increase in term of its length starting from chapter 39 to 50. Other than that, the new words explanation will be different from the first three volumes too. Besides providing the listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises, there is also an English explanation on origin of article in last part of each chapter to enable readers to have an understanding on China culture. Through the bilingual match of Chinese and English, the grammar exercises and the explanation on Chinese characters in the book, the student is definitely able to learn Mandarin in a simple and easy way! This is a book that you must not miss if you wish to enhance your Chinese Proficiency or pick up the language!

Suitable for : English learners learning mandarin(intermediate)

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This is a workbook written as a supplementary for textbook.

* Please be informed that the textbook and workbook are sold separately




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