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(Ready Stock) : KUAILE HANYU Flash Card vol 3《快乐汉语 词语字卡 第三册》初学者小孩中文华语华文

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This is the physical flashcards for KUAILE HANYU book 3.

KUAILE HANYU consists of 9 books with three levels, including a student’s book, a teacher’s book and a workbook at each level.In addition, there are the flashcards, wallcharts, CDs and CD-ROMs supplemented to th books. From the design, the compiling to the publishing. The writers have made every effort to accord with learner’s psychological conditions and needs of the student from 4 to 12 years old, and with the requirements of foreign language curricula of certain countries.Kuaile Hanyu focuses on the training of Chinese communicative competence, and also on motivating the learners.It is devoted to forming a solid foundation for the learners’ further study.

Suitable for : Beginners (age 4-12) / IGCSE/ GCSE Chinese as Foreign Language student


《快乐汉语》全套教材共9本,分为3个等级,每个等级有学生用书和配套的教师用书、练习册,另外还配有词语卡片、挂图、CD、CD-ROM等。编者从设计、编写到制作出版,每一方面都力图做到符合 4-12 岁这个阶段学生的心理特点和学习需求,符合有关国家教学大纲的规定。随着中国的发展,近些年来世界上学习汉语的人越来越多,很多国家从小学、中学就开始了汉语教学。为了配合这一趋势,编者在教材上重点培养学生在自然环境中学习汉语,同时为汉语打下坚实的基础。

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