Ready Stock Chinese Book for HSK Test:The HSK Coursebook (Level 1) HSK 规范教程(一级)课本 初学者成人小孩中文华语华文

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The HSK Coursebook has been separated into six levels corresponding to the levels of the HSK test. There are nine books in the series in total: one book for each level 1-4, two books covering level 5 and three books covering level 6. The series was compiled based on the grammar and vocabulary of the HSK outline. After completing each level of the books, learners will be prepared to take their relevant HSK test. By also focusing on communicative abilities and characters, the series helps learners to improve their speaking as well as reading and writing Chinese characters. Each lesson contains sections of new words, dialogues, question and answer practice, notes, characters, exercises, etc. Listening materials for new words, dialogues and listening comprehension exercises can be downloaded from the link below for free:

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Suitable for : HSK 1 examination candidates

Edited by Wang Xun and published by Sinolingua Co., Ltd in year 2015
The selling price is RM 49 with a total of 129 pages.

《HSK规范教程》系列分为六个级别,符合HSK 考试的各种应考要求。 该系列共有九本书。一至四级各一本,第五级两本,以及第六级三本。此系列是根据 HSK 大纲的语法和词汇精心编写, 以此书备考,学员将具备参加 HSK应考能力。 通过专注于考生交际能力和词汇掌握,此系列可以帮助学习者提高他们的口语以及阅读写作能力。 每节课包含新单词、对话、会话练习、笔记、相关词汇等部分。新单词、对话和听力理解练习的听力材料可以从以下链接免费下载:

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适合: HSK 1 级考生

王璕主编,华语教学出版社 于2015 年出版

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