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Chinese Workbook for Beginners: New Practical Chinese Reader Workbook 4 新实用汉语课本 4 综合练习册

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New Practical Chinese Reader 4 (NPCR 4)

北京语言大学出版社 北京语言大学出版社 
Published by Beijing Language and Culture University

New Practical Chinese Reader 4 (NPCR 4) is published by Beijing Language and Culture University. It is a series of Mandarin Learning textbook written specially for those whom their mother tongue is in English. NPCR consists of 70 lessons in six volumes, covering discussions on different topics each. This book is not merely taking HSK Chinese Proficiency Test sample as its guidelines but it also serves as an important material in foreign language teaching through the China language structure, language function as well as the Chinese cultural knowledge that is included in each chapter. 

Besides, the text article of NPCR 4 is gradually increase in term of its length starting from chapter 41 to 50. Other than that, the new words explanation will be different from the first four volumes too. Besides providing the listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises that is in dual languages, those who feel difficulties in mastering Chinese new words and grammar may refer to grammar glossary, the index of both new words and the supplement of new words as provided in the back part of the book in order to have a self-enhancement on mastering Chinese language.

suitable for : English speakers learning mandarin(intermediate)

The selling price is RM 58 with a total of 270 pages. 

* Please be informed that the textbook, CDs, and workbook are sold separately


推荐书:《新HSK 应试全解析(4级)》
北京语言大学出版社 2014年版

《新HSK 应试全解析(4级)》由北京语言出版社出版,是一套专门为新汉语水平考试(HSK)应试者编写的教材。本书包含了考试需面对的听力、阅读和书写范例,供学生复习。通过本书的练习,考生不仅能够对出题方式更为熟悉,也能从书中的答题技巧中学会答题的方法和窍门。本书所提供的模拟试卷,通过模拟真题编写出。编者们将大纲与模拟题一并编入此书,是为在短时间内提高考生的应考能力。若您正在备考HSK汉语水平考试,这本书绝对是您提高应试能力的首选教材!售价马币五十八,总页数:270

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