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IBDP Chinese B HL 1 listening and reading / IBDP 中文 B HL 1 听读精练

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This series of books features a number of articles reflecting Chinese daily life which were specifically selected according to the five themes stipulated in the IBDP. By using this series, students not only improve their Chinese reading and listening comprehension, they can also gain a better understanding of Chinese society and culture to help cultivate an international perspective.

 Reading and listening exercises corresponding with the requirements of the new 2020 IB syllabus are attached at the end of each text. Audio files of the listening exercises can be downloaded from the Sinolingua official website.

该系列丛书精选了多篇反映中国日常生活的文章,这些文章是根据IBDP规定的五个主题专门挑选的。 通过本系列课程,学生不仅可以提高汉语阅读和听力理解能力,还可以更好地了解中国社会和文化,培养国际视野。 

每篇课文末尾附有与2020年IB新教学大纲要求相对应的阅读和听力练习。 听力练习的音频文件可从华语官方网站下载。

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