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Chinese Language Acquisition in IB MYP: Discovering Nature / IB MYP中文语言习得阅读训练:自然万物

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本系列图书共六册, 每册包含十个左右生动有趣的故事,每个故事围绕一个常用汉字展开。故事后面都有系统的练习,并配有 “文化小贴士” 和 “跨学科百宝箱” 版块。每册书最后还附有“汉字游戏”, 供学习者通过游戏巩固所学汉字。

本系列图书可以帮助 IB MYP 中文课程的学生提高阅读水平, 了解丰富的汉字知识, 为日后的阅读和写作打好基础。

This series consists of six volumes, each containing about ten interesting stories, each of which revolves around a commonly used Chinese character. The story is followed by systematic exercises with "Cultural Tips" and "Interdisciplinary Treasure Chest" sections. Each book ends with a "Chinese character game" for learners to consolidate the Chinese characters they have learned through the game.

This series of books can help students in IB MYP Chinese courses improve their reading level, learn a wealth of knowledge of Chinese characters, and lay the foundation for future reading and writing.

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