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IB中文B 手把手教你写专题论文 EE IB Chinese B Teach You How To Write A Thesis EE

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EE的英文全称是 Extended Essay,中文名称是专题论文。EE要求学生根据自己的兴趣,在自己所学的IB六门学科中任选一科,通过指导老师的辅导,独立完成一篇不超过4800个汉字的学术论文。EE与TOK(知识论) 、CAS (创造、行动、服务)共同构成IB课程的三大核心。


The full name of EE is Extended Essay, and the Chinese name is monographs. EE requires students to choose one of the six IB subjects they have studied according to their own interests, and complete an academic thesis of no more than 4800 Chinese characters independently through the guidance of their instructors. EE, TOK (Theory of Knowledge) and CAS (Creation, Action, Service) together constitute the three cores of the IB curriculum.

This book focuses on the guidance of EE writing for Chinese B, from the topic selection of the thesis to the final completion of the step-by-step explanation, aiming to help teachers and students to successfully complete this extremely challenging assignment.

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