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Chinese Text Book for IB Chinese : A Course Design Guide to Chinese Language Acquisition in IB MYP (Phases 3-4)

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The full name of the IB course is the International Baccalaureate, hosted by the International Baccalaureate Organization and founded in 1968 by the Geneva International School in Switzerland. 

IB课程的全称是the International Baccalaureate(国际文凭课程),由国际文凭组织主办,于1968年由瑞士日内瓦国际学校创立。 

The IB program is divided into PYP (Primary School Project), MYP (Secondary Program) DP (University Foundation Program) and CP (Professional Education Program), regardless of the stage of study.

IB课程分为 PYP(小学项目),MYP(中学项目)DP(大学预科項目)和 CP(职业教育项目),无论是哪个阶段的学习。

 IB's teaching philosophy is to encourage students to explore and discover everything around them, so that students can relate what they have learnt to reality. The MYP Program (Secondary Program) is an academically challenging course for students aged 11 to 16 designed with an emphasis on inquiry and concepts to develop students' ability to criticize and think independently. 


What is the IB MYP course then? MYP (Secondary Program) was established by the IBO in 1994 for middle school students aged 11 to 16. The MYP program emphasizes knowledge synthesis, international culture and international exchanges, and encourages students to connect their knowledge with real life, develop students' critical thinking skills, and become talented person with independent thinking.

什么是IB MYP课程MYP课程(中学项目)是国际文凭组织IBO于1994年推出的为11至16岁的中学学生设置的。MYP课程强调知识综合,国际文化和国际交流,鼓励学生将所学知识与现实生活联系起来,培养学生的批判性思维能力,做一个具有独立思想的人才。

This book is written for the needs of mid-level students in the MYP Chinese course. This book systematically explains the teaching structure and concept of MYP  Chinese language acquisition, helping teachers to carry out teaching planning and classroom teaching  more effectively, and help students to complete the MYP Chinese course better.

此书针对MYP 中文课程中级班学生之需要编写。本书系统讲解MYP(初级)中文语言习得的教学结构和构思,帮助教师更高效地进行教学规划和课堂教学,帮助学生更好地完成 MYP(初级)中文课程的学习。

本书适合:IB 国际文凭课程属下中学学生(MYP)中文中级课之学生与老师

Recommended for: IB International Diploma Undergraduate (MYP) Chinese Intermediate Level for Students and Teachers

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