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Mandarin Book for Intermediate Students: Great Wall Chinese Workbook 5 长城汉语练习册 (五)

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Learn a vocabulary of 700 words, 120 grammar points and sentence structures, 800commonly-used sentences and topics such as talking about weather, talking about an on-going action, talking about one’s habits, talking about the living environment, posting letters and parcels, and collecting a parcel, exchanging, depositing and withdrawing money, shopping, seeing a doctor, going to hospital, recreational activities, talking about a past action or event and etc. 

For your information, this workbook is the part of Great Wall Chinese series, a key project developed and operated by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Han Ban). It is a new Chinese teaching and learning system based on latest internet, multimedia technology as well as complete text book and workbook. The goal is to expand a learner’s Chinese communicative competence by utilizing rich teaching materials and resources. 

Currently, more than 330 Confucius Institutes (classes) internationally and 17 China's universities and middle schools are using Great Wall Chinese as Chinese teaching materials. Great Wall Chinese is a set of complete, systematic and international Chinese teaching resource. The teaching stages are divided into three phases: Essentials in Communication (Level 1 ~ 6), Progression in Communication (Level 7 ~ 12) and Fluency in Communication (Level 13 ~ 18). The courses of Great Wall Chinese include core courses (communicative mission), resource courses (language elements) and complementary courses (skills training). 

The GWC system integrates learning, teaching, academic research and administration to all learners and tutors.

• Online courseware creates flexible time schedule 

• Voice Recognition System to refine pronunciation 

• Classroom tutorials to meet individual needs

• Computerized Learning Management System to improve the entire teaching and learning progress.

Suitable for : English learners learning mandarin(advanced)

学习700个单词,120个语法点和句子结构的词汇,800个常用的句子和主题,如谈论天气,谈论正在进行的行动,谈论一个人的习惯,谈论生活环境,发布信件和包裹,收集包裹,交换,存款和取款,购物,看医生,去医院,娱乐活动,谈论过去的行动或事件等。 为了您的信息,本工作手册是长城中文系列的一部分,这是由中国国际汉语协会办公室(汉办)开发和运营的重点项目。它是一个基于最新的互联网,多媒体技术以及完整的教科书和工作簿的新的中文教学系统。目标是利用丰富的教学资源和资源,扩大学习者的汉语交际能力。 目前,国际上有330多所孔子学院(班级)和17所中国大学和中学正在使用长城汉语作为汉语教材。长城汉语是一套完整,系统,国际化的汉语教学资源。教学阶段分为三个阶段:沟通要点(1~6级),沟通进展(7~12级)和沟通流利(13~18级)。长城汉语课程包括核心课程(交际使命),资源课程(语言元素)和辅助课程(技能培训)。 GWC系统将学习,教学,学术研究和管理整合到所有学习者和导师中。 






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