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Excel in Chinese, An Easy Starter《卓越汉语 -- 轻松入门》

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 This book is the first volume of this series of textbooks and is suitable for beginners of Chinese language learners.

The Excel in Chinese series of textbooks is a newly launched series of textbooks prepared by the Foreign Research Institute for the actual needs of non-degree foreign students to learn basic Chinese and professional Chinese in training programs. It specially organizes teaching experts from many universities and training institutions at home and abroad A complete set of teaching resource solutions.

Excel in Chinese,An Easy Starter is one of the comprehensive basic Chinese training textbooks. It is written by first-line teachers of Xiamen University who have been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for a long time. It is divided into three volumes and is written for Chinese learners whose medium of instruction is English. A comprehensive set of quick-start textbooks.

The Excel in Chinese,An Easy Starter series of textbooks have the following characteristics:

## Comparative teaching: Emphasizes the organic combination of structure, function, and culture, and helps students understand and master learning difficulties through the comparison of Chinese and foreign languages and cultures;

## Commonly used first: select the most commonly used words, sentence patterns, and grammatical points in functional expression to explain, the text content is practical and interesting;

## Word-to-words: pay attention to the explanation of the relationship between Chinese words, train students to think in Chinese, help students quickly understand the way of word formation, draw inferences from one another, and improve learning efficiency;

## Rich in exercises: language skills training and activities are efficient and interesting, which stimulate students' interest and sense of participation in independent learning. Both training and self-study are applicable.





** 对比教学:强调结构、功能、文化的有机结合,通过中外语言、文化的对比帮助学生理解、掌握学习难点;

** 常用先学:选取在功能表达中最常用的词语、句型与语法点进行讲解,课文内容实用、有趣;

** 字词直通:注重对汉语字词关系的讲解,训练学生用汉语进行思维,帮助学生快速理解词语构成方式,举一反三,提高学习效率;

** 练习丰富:语言技能训练和活动高效、有趣,激发学生自主学习的兴趣和参与意识,培训与自学均适用。

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