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Discover China Student's Book One《走遍中国》学生用书 1

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"Discover China," a collaborative effort between FLTRP and Macmillan Publishers, offers a comprehensive four-level Mandarin Chinese course tailored for beginners to intermediate-level students studying Chinese in English-speaking countries. Each level comprises both a student's book and a corresponding workbook. The course adopts a communicative approach to language acquisition, with a primary focus on fostering real-life communication skills through diverse activities.

Vocabulary acquisition is facilitated through topic-based practice and extension exercises, while the exploration of grammar is student-centered, allowing learners to discern language rules independently by recognizing patterns within language samples. Character writing practice integrates high-frequency characters within the context of the unit's thematic content.

To enhance cultural understanding, "Discover China" incorporates "Cultural Corner" sections related to the unit topics, providing valuable insights into Chinese culture. Additionally, this course offers a wealth of supplementary materials, including free online resources and multimedia aids such as CDs, teacher's books, assessment tasks, unit quizzes, and extra character writing sheets, among others.

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"Discover China"(《走遍中国》),是由外研社和麦克米兰出版社共同开发和出版的四级汉语课程,专门为在英语国家学习中文的初学者到中级学生设计。每个级别包括学生用书和练习册。该课程采用了一种交际式的语言学习方法。强调通过各种活动在真实生活环境中进行交流。词汇学习是通过基于主题的练习和扩展练习来完成的。学生中心的语法学习允许学生通过识别语言示例中的模式来自行发现规则。

在词汇书写练习中,高频词汇是在单元主题的背景下呈现的。通过与单元主题相关的 “文化角” 部分,促进对中国文化的更深入了解。《发现中国》还提供免费的在线资源和多媒体资源,包括CD、教师用书、评估任务、单元测验、额外的字符书写练习等等。


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