Chinese Book for Mandarin Language Learning (Intermediate): New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook 3《新实用汉语课本 3 课本 》

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Book Recommendation: New Practical Chinese Reader 3

New Practical Chinese Reader 3 (NPCR 3) is published by Beijing Language and Culture University. It is a series of Mandarin Learning textbook written specially for those whom their mother tongue is in English. NPCR 3 consists of 70 lessons in six volumes, covering discussions on different topics each. This book is not merely taking HSK Chinese Proficiency Test sample as its guidelines but it also serves as an important material in foreign language teaching. Learners should be able to put what they have learned in the book as in listening, speaking, reading and writing part into practical through the China language structure, language function as well as the Chinese cultural knowledge that is included in each chapter.

As the book of third series, the culture and knowledge field that it touches on was widely expanded starting from its text article, new words and to its explanation so that readers will not be bored by the conservation-oriented culture that is included in the book. Meanwhile, through the analysis on dual languages, the grammar exercises and the explanation on Chinese characters in the book, the student is definitely able to learn Mandarin in a simple and easy way! This is a book that you must not miss if you wish to enhance your Chinese Proficiency or pick up the language!

Suitable for : English learners learning mandarin(intermediate)

The selling price is RM 70 with a total of 283 pages.

* Please be informed that the textbook, CDs, and workbook are sold separately

Published by Beijing Language and Culture University

北京语言大学出版社 《新实用汉语课本(3级)》由北京语言出版社出版,是一套帮助以英语为母语的人士,学习汉语的教程。《新实用汉语课本》共有6册,70个专题。每一册都包含不同的专题探讨。本书不仅沿着HSK新汉语水平考试的例题作为引导,它也作为对外汉语的重要教材来使用。通过每一课以中国的语言结构,语言功能和中国文化的知识。读者可以学以致用,将书内提供的听、说、读和写练习,付之于自身的文化当中。


适合: 汉语中级(15-20岁),约马来西亚国民型中学PT3程度


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