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Ready Stock《YCT 真题集(2018版)》第一级 / Official Examination Papers of YCT (Level 1) 小孩中文华语华文

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The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is an international language proficiency standardized test  by the educational authority of China. It tests the ability to use Chinese language in the daily and study life of primary and secondary school students whose Chinese is not their first language.

The trend of Chinese language learners at a lower age has grown exponentially around the world, with the Chinese learning group in primary and secondary schools showing great potential for development. The number of candidates has increased year by year. By the end of 2017, the number of YCT candidates had reached 623,000.

Since the implementation of the new YCT in 2010, more than two sets of official examination papers have been published in 2010 and 2012 respectively. In 2016, we revised the syllabus and published the YCT Test Outline and Test Guide. In order to further meet the needs of the majority of Chinese learners to learn and prepare for YCT exams, and to cater for the concept of "integration of teaching and learning", " promote teaching by examination", and "promote learning by examination", we carefully selected high-quality test papers from two years of real questions.

This series of "Official Examination Papers of YCT" has 4 volumes. Corresponding to the YCT exam level one to four, each volume contains 5 sets of questions, and is equipped with listening recording text and test paper answers. The listening recording of the test questions can be played online by scanning the QR code or direct surf to the website, or you can download it on the official website of the test.

The launch of this series of official exam papers is intended to provide useful guidance for Chinese learners in primary and secondary schools around the world and as a self-assessment tool for daily learning. It also hopes to provide an effective reference for the teaching of international Chinese teachers.

《YCT 真题集(2018版)》第一级 

中学生汉语考试(Youth Chinese Test。简称YCT)是由孔子学院总部/ 国家汉办主一项国际语言能力标准化考试, 重点考察汉语非第一语言的中小学生在日常生活和学习中运用汉语的能力。

全球汉语学习者 “低龄化” 趋势已经越来越明显,中小学汉语学习群体彰显了极大的发展潜力,考生逐年递增,截至2017年底,全球 YCT 考生已达 62.3万人。

自2010年新版YCT实施以来, 多分别于 2010 年和 2012 年出版过两次真题集, 2016 年我们又对考纲进行修改并出版了《 YCT考试大纲与应考指南》。 为了进一步满足广大汉语学习者学习、备考的需求,迎合 “考教结合”、 “以考促教”、“以考促学” 的理念,我们从两年的真题集中精心挑选出高质量试卷结集成册出版。

本《YCT 真题集(2018版)》系列共 4册。 分别对应YCT考试一至四级, 每册包含5套考题,并配有听力录音文本和试卷答案。 试题的听力录音可通过扫描二维码或输入网站在线播放,也可以在考试官方网站下载使用。

YCT 真题集(2018版)》的推出, 旨在为全球中小学汉语学习者提供备考的有益指导及日常学习中阶段性的自我评估工 具,同的也希望为国际汉语教师的教学提供有效参考。

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