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(Ready Stock) Odonata Literature 这世界才开始The World has Just Begun

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出版社Publisher:红蜻蜓出版社Odonata Publishing Sdn Bhd




"Write a story for the guests who come in. Imagine the beautiful scene, the moving rhythm, and the happy ending that everyone loves. So, opening a cafe is like starting a movie."

In 2014, Xu Shu Jian plans to open a cafe in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which sell soufflé that bringing warmth to people.

In 2015, the cafe was named ‘Wild Sheep Chase’, and it sits on a street corner with rows of rain trees. The articles in ‘The World Just Began’ was accumulated started from the preparation for the opening of ‘Wild Sheep Chase’ Cafe and finished half a year after the establishment of the cafe. The chapters contain on the matters happening before and after the establishment of ‘Wild Sheep Chase’ cafe. and some life records, which including her expectation and imagination for the cafe, as well as the people and things she met in daily life. "Nothing is more important than people in a cafe," she always said that when people asking her original intention of the cafe.







目前正经营寻羊冒险记Wild Sheep Chase咖啡馆。

Xu SuJiank

Born in 1983, Malaysian.

Daughter of parents, elder sister of siblings, a girlfriend of a boyfriend.

Left-hander, picky eaters.

Live, but no work.

Operating Wild Sheep Chase Café currently.

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