(Ready Stock) Mandarin Book for HSK Examination: HSK 4 Standard Course volume 2 workbook 《HSK 4 标准教程 下 (练习册)》成人中文华语华文

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HSK 4 Standard Course (Workbook ) is used together with HSK 4 Standard course Textbook. This book consists of 20 lesson and included three major parts which are listening, reading and writing.

1. Listening: Students can choose the answer by referring to the sentence, so they can analyse which one is correct.

2. Reading: Students can do some practice such as fill in the blank with Mandarin vocabulary, rearrange sentence and reading comprehension to improve their reading skill in Mandarin.

3.Writing: Students can try to form Mandarin sentence using by characters/ vocabulary that they had learned.

Published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press

The selling price is RM 35

Please be informed that the textbook and workbook are sold separately.

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《HSK 4 标准教程 (练习册)》上、下与《HSK4 标准教程 (课本)》一同使用。其练习格式与HSK (4级)考试相同。全书共有20课,包含听力、阅读、书写部分:





售价:RM 35

备注:HSK 4 标准教程(课本)与 HSK 4 标准教程(练习册)都有上下两册, 分开售卖的

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