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(Ready Stock) IBDP 中文B口试导航SL上册 Study Guide to Chinese B Individual Oral Assessment

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(Ready Stock) IBDP 中文B口试导航SL下册 Study Guide to Chinese B Individual Oral Assessment

According to the latest "Language  B Guide”, the frameworks for the five teaching themes and requirements for individual oral assessment, the book is jointly compiled by the front-line teachers with many years of IB teaching experience. It contains a variety of pictures and examples of oral expressions. It is designed to help students form diversified ways of thinking, gain a deep understanding of the culture of the target language, raise their international mindedness and provide comprehensive guidance to their preparations for Chinese B individual oral assessment.

根据最新的《语言B指南》,这是针对五个教学主题的框架和个人口语评估的要求,该书由具有多年IB教学经验的一线教师共同编写,其中包含各种图片和内容。 旨在帮助学生形成多元化的思维方式,加深对目标语言文化的理解,提高他们的国际意识,并为他们准备中国B个人口试提供全面的指导。

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