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(Ready Stock)"HSK 5 Exam Syllabus • Vocabulary Learning Manual" HSK考试大纲 • 词汇学习手册五级

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(Ready Stock) HSK考试大纲 • 词汇学习手册五级

"HSK Exam Syllabus • Vocabulary Learning Manual" is a self-study manual for HSK vocabulary, which is divided into four volumes according to levels. The "HSK Exam Syllabus• Vocabulary Learning Manual Level Four" is the second volume. This book mainly includes five sections:

1. Vocabulary display, providing pinyin, part of speech, and English interpretation of the vocabulary;

2. Common collocations, each word provides several common and practical collocations;

3. Real example sentences, each word provides 2 example sentences, most of the example sentences come from real questions;

4. Identify the right and wrong, select the wrong examples of the past candidates, and compare the right and wrong to enable students to have a deeper understanding of words.

5. Vocabulary expansion, providing expanded vocabulary related to the entry, and quickly expanding the learner's Chinese vocabulary through vocabulary association. This book is rich in content, comprehensive in vocabulary, and strong in level. It can provide learners with rich and comprehensive vocabulary learning guidance.


1. 词汇展示,提供词汇的拼音、词性、英文释义;

2. 常用搭配,每个词语提供若干常用、实用的搭配;

3. 真题例句,每个词语提供2个例句,例句绝大多数来源于真题;

4. 辨别正误,挑选以往考生的错例,通过正误对比,使学生对词语有更加深入的理解。

5. 词汇扩展,提供与词条相关的扩展词汇,通过词汇联想,迅速扩充学习者的汉语词汇量。本书内容丰富、词汇全面,级别性强,能够给学习者提供丰富的、全方位的词汇学习辅导。

  • 姜丽萍(主编) 郭修敏(编)52
  • ISBN: 978-7-5135-9930-6
  • 开本: 32
  • 页数: 312
  • 出版时间: 2018-02
  • 适用课型: 汉语自学,汉语综合课
  • 语言水平: 高级
  • 注释语种: 中文
  • 适用年级: 大学
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