(Ready Stock) 《中文天天读》——中国的“春运潮” Reading China: China's "Spring Festival Migration"

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Book's Description:

"Reading China" is a set of audio-graded books specially prepared for Chinese learners. It can be used as extracurricular reading materials and textbooks. Compared with other reading materials, ""Reading China" has the following characteristics:

Graded Readings: According to the language difficulty and reading volume, there are five levels, each level contains a number of book, which can be chosen by the freedom of different level learners.

China's Topic: The topic involves the daily life of the Chinese people, the collision and integration of values, tradition and modernity, which truly shows the style of contemporary Chinese society.

Happy Chinese: Paragraph in short, style diversity, content interesting, language simple, learners can fully enjoy the fun of reading.

Audio Reading: Each book has a matching CD, learners can listen while reading, through listening and reading two ways to appreciate the authentic Chinese.

Recommended for IGCSE Mandarin as Second & First Language / HSK Level 4-6 candidate

Publisher 出版:北京外研社 Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press

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