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Chinese Book for Business Mandarin: 《 卓越汉语--公司实战篇》Supreme Chinese - Practical guide to Company practicing

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The original intention of writing this book was to meet the needs of the Columbia's Business Chinese & Internship Program in Shanghai. The summer class features "language enhancement + language internship." 

The whole project lasts for 10 weeks and is divided into two stages: the first 6 weeks is the intensive study period. Through a large number of intensive training, students are allowed to take as much language content as possible in the internship; the last 4 weeks are the language internship period, and the students are attached to different companies to practice the language in the field, and also understand the operating characteristics of Chinese companies and increase their personal work experience.

The topics covered by “Supreme Chinese - Practical guide to Company practicing"  include:

i) Meet you customer

ii) Market survey

iii) Visit to factory

iv) Department meeting

v) Recognize your colleague 

vi) Product display

vii) Job briefing

viii) Interpersonal communication

ix) Gift exchange

x) Investment and wealth management

xi) Interview success tips

The focus are the common business situations in China, the contents involve multiple business activities with actual company employees or interaction with the client, to help readers grasp the actual business occasions and vocabulary in China.

Editor: Shi Zhongqi, 外语教学与研究出版 Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press

Suitable for : students with one year (680 hours) of Chinese learning experience or who passed the qualification of HSK level 3 and above.

The selling price is RM79  with a total of   260 pages.

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编写本书的初衷是为了满足“哥伦比亚大学上海商务汉语及实习项目”(Columbia's Business Chinese&Internship Program in Shanghai)的需要。该暑期班的特色在于“语言强化+语言实习”。整项目为期10周,分成两个阶段:前6周为语言强化学习期,通过大量强化训练让学生尽可能多地掌在实习中必需的语言内容;后4周为语言实习期,学生被安排到不同的公司进行实地练习运用所掌握的语言,同时也了解中国公司的运作特点,增加个人的工作经验。

《卓越汉语--公司实战篇 》涵盖的主题包括:













适合:具有一年(680小时)汉语学习经验或通过HSK 3级及以上资格的学生。


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