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读报纸,学中文——汉语报刊阅读 (准高级)Reading Newspapers, Learning Chinese - Chinese Newspaper Reading (Associate Advanced)

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1. 话题新颖,选材有趣,注重时效;

2. 难度适当,由易渐难,体现层级;

3. 控制生词,加强重现,配有英日韩翻译;

4. 突出重要语言点的复习,讲解简明实用;

5. 重视对课文内容的复习,附单元测试题;

6. 注重阅读能力的培养和训练,提高综合能力。

This textbook is designed for Chinese newspapers and periodicals. It is divided into upper and lower sides. It is suitable for foreign learners with relatively high Chinese proficiency (about 5,000 words and 2,000 Chinese characters). The compilation of textbooks absorbs the latest research results of newspaper courses, and draws on the experience characteristics of existing newspapers and other types of textbooks, in order to meet the current needs of newspaper reading teaching. Its outstanding features are reflected in the following aspects:

1. The topic is novel, the material selection is interesting, and the timeliness is emphasized;

2. The difficulty is appropriate, from easy to difficult, reflecting the level;

3. Control new words, strengthen reproduction, with English, Japanese and Korean translations;

4. Highlight the review of important language points, and explain concise and practical;

5. Pay attention to the review of the text content, and attach unit test questions;

6. Pay attention to the cultivation and training of reading ability and improve comprehensive ability.

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