《基础马来语 第三册》 Malay Language for Chinese Learners Vol 3

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推荐书:《基础马来语 第三册》
Recommended book: Malay Language for Chinese Learners Vol 3
外语教学与研究出版社 (Foreign Language Teaching And Research Press)

Malay Language for Chinese Learners Vol. 3 is the last book in the series of the basic Malay language. The 3rd volume differs from the first two volumes although they are all specially written for those who have Chinese as their first language. However, the first two volumes wish to train the beginners to understand a new language while the third volume intends to broaden the students’ knowledge of Malay language. Other than that, the editor also includes a variety of literary works that is recommended by the Malaysia Language Board in its material selection as the editor hopes the students can improve their language skills through reading a large volume of literature. Textbook content includes exercises as in a large volume of word explanation from the Malay glossary of words, idioms, proverbs, analysis of words and sentences and etc.
Students are able to familiarize, imitate and memorize the Malay language through all these exercises. The exercises as provided in the book enables the readers to build up their Malay foundation, meanwhile understand the humanities and society used in this language through literary works.

sSitable for : Chinese learners learning Malay Language

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《基础马来语 第三册》是《基础马来语》系列中的最后一册。第三册和前两册有所不同。虽说它们都是为华语为第一语言学习者专门编写的教材。但是,前两册着重于训练初学者对一门新语言的认识,而第三册则意在扩大学生对马来语言的知识面。此外,编者在选材方面也将马来西亚语文局所推荐的各类文学作品纳入其中。编者希望读者能通过大量阅读文学作品来提高自己的语言水平。本册内容包括,从《马来语词汇集》中大量引用的马来语词汇解释、成语、谚语、词句错误辨析等练习。通过这些练习,学生便能够熟读、模仿和背诵马来语。书中所提供的种种练习,不仅能打好读者的马来语基础,更能让学生通过文学作品了解这门语言的人文社会。若您想加深自己对马来语的知识,这套书籍绝对是您的首选教材!



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