《商务汉语考试真题集BCT(B)》(附答案) "Business Chinese Test Exam Questions Collection" (B)

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  为了满足全球商务汉语学习者的强烈需求,孔子学院总部/国家汉办汉考国际从近几年的BCT考试真题中精心挑选出部分高质量试卷,组织出版《商务汉语考试真题集》系列。该系列共2册,包括《商务汉语考试真题集BCT (A)》和《商务汉语考试真题集BCT(B)》,每册包含相应等级的真题和答案各5套,并配有听力录音、听力文本和答题卡。

BCT(B)共92题,全部考试约1 45分钟(含考生填写个人信息时间5分钟),分听力、阅读、书写三部分,全卷满分300分。


出版: 人民教育出版社

定价:马币 57

总页数: 142

BCT aims to provide standards for companies to evaluate the ability of non-verbal Chinese employees (candidates) to use Chinese in daily communication; to provide references for various schools and training institutions to recruit business-related students, classify, and credit awards. ; Provide reference for self-learning and self-evaluation of business Chinese ability of business Chinese learners.

   In order to meet the strong needs of business Chinese learners around the world, the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban Hankao International carefully selected some high-quality test papers from the BCT test papers in recent years, and organized the publication of the "Business Chinese Test Test Paper Collection" series. The series consists of 2 volumes, including "Business Chinese Test Exams BCT (A)" and "Business Chinese Test Exams BCT (B)". Each volume contains 5 sets of real questions and answers at the corresponding level, and is equipped with listening recordings, Listening text and answer sheet.

BCT (B) has 92 questions. The total test takes about 145 minutes (including 5 minutes for candidates to fill in personal information), divided into three parts: listening, reading, and writing.

   The "Business Chinese Test Exam Questions Collection" aims to provide practical and efficient test preparation guidance for the majority of candidates, and to provide reference materials and evaluation standards for global business Chinese teachers and institutions. We sincerely hope that we can "use exams to promote learning" and stimulate the interest of Chinese learners through exams; "use exams to promote teaching" and use real questions to provide teachers and learners with graded, practical business Chinese teaching resources.

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