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(Ready Stock) "Developing Chinese" (Second Edition) Intermediate Oral (I)《发展汉语》(第二版)中级口语(Ⅰ)

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(Ready Stock) "Developing Chinese" (Second Edition) Intermediate Oral (I)《发展汉语》(第二版)中级口语(Ⅰ)

《发展汉语》(第二版)采取综合语言能力培养与专项语言技能训练相结合的外语教学及教材编模式。"Developing Chinese" (Second Edition) adopts a foreign language teaching and textbook compilation model that combines comprehensive language ability training and special language skills training.

全套教材分为三个层级,五个系列,即纵向分为初,中,高三个层级,横向分为综合,口语,听力,阅读,写作五个系列其中,综合系列为主干教材,口语,听力,阅读,写作系列为套教材。The complete set of textbooks is divided into three levels and five series, which are divided into junior, middle, and senior levels vertically, and horizontally divided into five series: comprehensive, speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The comprehensive series is the main textbook, speaking, and listening. , Reading and Writing series are set of teaching materials.

全套教材共 30 册,包括 The complete set of teaching materials has 30 volumes, including:


Elementary Comprehensive (I, II), Intermediate Comprehensive (I, II), Advanced Comprehensive (I, II)


Elementary oral (I, II), Intermediate oral (I, II) Advanced oral (I, II)


Elementary Listening (I, II), Intermediate Listening (I, II), Advanced Listening (I, II)

初级读写(I,II)Elementary reading and writing (I, II)

中级阅读(I,II)Intermediate reading (I, II)

高级阅读(I,II)Advanced reading (I, II)

中级写作(I,II)Intermediate writing (I, II)

高级写作(I,II)Advanced writing (I, II)

初级读写(I,I)为本版补编,承担初级阅读和初级写话双重功能。Elementary reading and writing (I, I) is a supplement to this edition, which undertakes dual functions of elementary reading and elementary writing.

《发展汉语(第二版)中级口语(Ⅰ)》适用于具有中级汉语水平(已掌握2000—2500常用词)的学生。通对本教材的系统学习,学生能够形成正确的语音语调;熟练地 运用3000个汉语常用词;使用常用句型,比较清楚,正确,得体地进行“问—答”对话;形成初步的成段表达能力,针对社会生活中的一般话题(如学习工作,家庭生活, 社会热点等)进行讨论,发表自己的见解。"Development Chinese (Second Edition) Intermediate Oral (Ⅰ)" is suitable for students who have intermediate Chinese proficiency (have mastered 2000-2500 common words). Through the systematic study of this textbook, students can form correct pronunciation and intonation; use 3000 common Chinese words proficiently; use common sentence patterns to conduct “question-answer” dialogues clearly, correctly and appropriately; form preliminary paragraph expressions Ability to discuss general topics in social life (such as study and work, family life, social hot spots, etc.) and express your own opinions.

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