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《博雅汉语 中级·冲刺篇第 一册》Boya Chinese Intermediate·Sprint Vol. I

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This textbook is the intermediate part of Boya Chinese, divided into two volumes, I and II, with a total of 12 lessons in this volume. It is suitable for international students who have mastered about 3000 vocabulary and sprint from intermediate to advanced. After learning this textbook, learners can basically master a vocabulary of about 5,000, reaching HSK level 6 or above.


This textbook is compiled based on topic theory. The text conforms to the law of language learning and is elegant and lively. The selected essays in the whole book have a unique perspective, starting from the joys, sorrows, and joys in people’s daily lives, focusing on topics such as human relations, life, environment, society, and culture. They have a broad vision and profound insights. 

The content involves the differences between ancient and modern China, and also discusses Chinese and Western cultures. The difference makes the learner seem to be accompanied by a wise and interesting friend while working hard to learn the language. The text layout emphasizes the organic combination of language learning and pragmatics. The narrative, description, support, reputation, and other functional items in the intermediate stage are cleverly arranged in each lesson. The methods of preview and comprehensive exercises are unique. 

The textbooks have detailed annotations on new words, and most of them are equipped with carefully selected example sentences, which provide a great convenience for teachers and learners to study on their own.


The new words and texts of this textbook are equipped with MP3.




本教材以话题理论进行编写,课文既符合语言学习规律,又典雅活泼。全书的选文视角独特,由人们日常生活中的喜怒哀乐出发,围绕人情、人生、环境、社会、文化等话题展开,视野开阔,见解深刻,内容涉及到中国古今的不同,也讨论中西文化的差异,使学习者在辛苦学习语言的同时,好像和一位智慧而有趣的朋友相伴。 课文编排讲究语言学习与语用的有机结合,中级阶段语段中的叙述,描述,支持,反驳等功能项目巧妙地安排在每一课中。预习和综合练习方式独特,教材的生词注释详尽,大部分都配有精心挑选的例句,为教师和学习者自学提供了极大的方便。




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