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《体验汉语——留学篇》 Experiencing Chinese-Studying Abroad

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  • 这本教材是以短期留学生的生存需求为依据,以实用的交际任务为主线编写的任务型教材,注重听说,淡化语法。
  • 教学对象是母语为英语的零起点汉语学习者和初学者。
  • 课文内容真实,语句简短易学,利于学生记忆和使用。
  • 练习形式多样,实践性强,尤其是互动性的任务练习,能够极大地激发学生的参与意识。
  • 图文并茂,形式活泼,不但可以减轻记忆负担,还可以增加学生的学习兴趣。
  • 全书由1个语音训练营(1-2课时)、12个单元(3-4课时/单元)和两首中国歌曲组成。教材的整体安排充分考虑到短期速成教学在时间安排上的灵活性和多样性,从而使教材具有很大的伸缩性,所以教学时间为40~50课时的短期班都可以选用本教材。

The main features of the textbook:

  • This is a task-based textbook based on the survival needs of short-term overseas students. It cores with practical communicative tasks as the mainline, focusing on Chinese listening and speaking while downplaying grammar.
  • This textbook is suitable for native English learners and beginners of Chinese.
  • The textbook includes texts content which conforms to reality, short and easy sentences, which is easy for students to remember and use.
  • The forms of activities are diverse and practical, especially the interactive task activity, which can greatly attract students' participation in learning.
  • Illustrated with lively forms, not only can reduce the burden of memory, but also can increase students' interest in learning.
  • This textbook consists of one Chinese voice training camp (1~2 periods), 12 units (3~4 periods/unit) and two Chinese songs. Overall, the arrangement of the textbook fully takes into account the flexibility and diversity in the time arrangement of the short-term accelerated teaching, it due great in flexibility, so the teaching time of 40 to 50 hours of the short-term classes can choose this textbook.

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