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经贸初级汉语口语 下册 II Business Chinese Conversation [Elementary] II

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This textbook is suitable for beginners starting from scratch. This elementary oral language textbook attempts to solve the contradiction existing in the learning of Chinese by international students, so that both teaching and learning can achieve the best results.

In terms of teaching arrangement, this textbook adopts the intensive training teaching method of low starting point, large capacity, high density, staged and big step. Each text, the amount of new words and the length of the text, all exceed the common ordinary Chinese textbooks of the same level; the whole teaching process is dominated by students, and all activities in and out of class require students to actively complete, and teachers only Participate, inspire, guide, not give lectures. The monotony and slowness of teaching activities and the passive and exhausted learning of students are all unfavorable factors affecting the quality of teaching. This textbook provides rich materials and various means of intensive training. Teachers can make full use of these materials and means to stimulate students' strong learning desire and potential ability, and make students enter a state of excitement and tension. This kind of teaching atmosphere enables students to devote themselves to the learning and application of knowledge to achieve the best realm.

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