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小鸡学捉虫 < The chicken learning catch worms >

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Mom reads with me

Children love to listen to stories, but for parents, there is a great deal to be said about how to tell stories to their children. This book is structured in a scientific and reasonable way to mobilize children's senses and minds under the guidance of parents, so that children can actively participate in the process of storytelling and thus promote brain development.

For children, each picture is a vivid story, and they will never tire of reading it. The illustrations in this book are beautifully drawn and brightly colored, which will have a great attraction to children in the first place. According to children's perception rules, the short and interesting stories in this book are suitable for oral narration, and children can maintain a high level of concentration during listening. Reading together with your child not only improves your child's intelligence in many aspects, but also enhances parent-child relationship.




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