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Chinese Textbook for IB: "Breakthrough 1B Chinese B Advanced Course Challenges" (2018 New Syllabus Outline) )

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《突破1B中文B高级课程难关》 (2018年新大纲版) 依照lBDP中文B的2018年考试新大纲( 2020年首次考试) 写作部分和个人口语表达的内容和评分标准进行编写从构思,文体, 话题,词语,句子结构等方面指导考生进行复习。 本书第一章简单介绍教学大纲和评分标准; 第二章给出了中文基本句子结构,语法和常用关联词; 第三章集中在 “身份认同”、“个人经历”、”发明创造”、“社会组织” 和 “全球问题” 等五个话题的写作; 第四章着重中文B所强调的 “个人口头表达” ; 第五章为写作卷模拟试题。

"Breakthrough 1B Chinese B Advanced Course Challenges" (2018 New Syllabus Outline) is written according to the content and scoring standards of the writing part and oral part of the new outline of the 2018 exam (the first exam in 2020) of lBDP Chinese B. Topics, words, sentence structure and other aspects guide candidates in the process of revision. The first chapter of the book briefly introduces the syllabus and scoring standards; the second chapter gives the basic sentence structure, grammar and common related words in Chinese; the third chapter focuses on 5 aspects: "personal identity", "personal experiences", "invention and creation", " as “social organization” and “global issues”; the fourth chapter focuses on “personal oral expression”, that emphasized in the Chinese B advanced course; the fifth chapter is the writing volume simulation test.

IB中文考试中的最大难关无疑是写作。 但是, 目前写作教学中的问题很多,学生怕作文,烦作文,写不出作文, 写不好作文,写作文的速度也很慢。

The biggest difficulty in the IB Chinese exam is undoubtedly the writing part.  However, there are many problems in writing teaching. Students are afraid of writing, worry on essays, unable to write an essays, or unable to produce a good essays, and also write in very slow pace.

为了帮助学生更好地备考1B中文写作,笔者特意编写了这本着重于写作法的《 突破1B中文B高级课程难关》(2018年新大纲版), 希望广大的考生对如何准备1B中文B高级课程考试有一个更清晰的 认识,以便更好地规划自己的复习从而更有信心地走进考场, 从容地写出7分(满分)的作文。

In order to help students better prepare for 1B Chinese writing, the author specially wrote this "Breakthrough 1B Chinese B Advanced Course Difficulties" (2018 new outline version) which emphasized on the methodology of writing. I hope that the majority of candidates are prepared to sit for the 1B Chinese B advanced course exam. A clear understanding, in order to better plan their review and walk into the examination room with more confidence, calmly write a 7-point (out of full) composition.

适合对象:IB 国际文凭课程属下大学先修班学生(DIPLOMA PROGRAMME Chinese B 汉语为第二语言)考生与老师

Suitable for: IB International Diploma Undergraduate (DIPLOMA PROGRAMME Chinese B Chinese as a Second Language) Candidates and Teachers

Published by Sinolingua Co., Ltd 

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