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Breakthrough IB Chinese B General Course Difficulties: Reading Comprehension Workbook" (2018) 突破 IB 中文 B 普通课程难关(2018)

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"Breakthrough 1B Chinese B General Course Difficulties" (2018 New Outline Edition) is written according to the content and scoring standards of the writing part and personal oral expression of the new outline of the 2018 exam (the first exam in 2020) of lBDP Chinese B. Topics, words, sentence structure and other aspects guide candidates to review. The first chapter of the book briefly introduces the syllabus and scoring standards; the second chapter gives the basic sentence structure, grammar and common related words in Chinese; the third chapter focuses on "identity", "personal experience", "invention" and "social organization" And the writing of five topics such as "global issues"; the fourth chapter is based on "personal oral expression", and the individual oral expression committee of Chinese B advanced course is explained; the fifth chapter is the writing test.


The biggest difficulty in the IB Chinese exam is undoubtedly writing. Writing is very important in the IB Chinese exam to emphasize on writing teaching. However, there are many problems in writing teaching at present. 


 In order to help students better prepare for 1B Chinese writing, the author specially wrote this "Breakthrough IB Chinese B General Course Difficulties: Reading Comprehension Workbook" (2018 New Outline Edition), I hope that the majority of candidates will prepare for 1B Chinese B Advanced The course exam has a clearer understanding, in order to better plan your review and walk into the examination room with more confidence, and calmly write a 7-point (out of all) composition. 


Suitable for: IB International Diploma Undergraduate (DIPLOMA PROGRAMME Chinese B Chinese as a Second Language) Candidates and Teachers

适合对象:IB 国际文凭课程属下大学先修班学生(DIPLOMA PROGRAMME Chinese B 汉语为第二语言)考与老师

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