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Since the publication of the Dictionary of Modern Chinese Standards (3rd Edition), it has been widely welcomed by academic experts and readers. The publication of the dictionary has adapted to the urgent need of modernization for the standardization of Chinese language, promoted the development of social and Chinese life in a healthy and orderly manner, and advocated the good ethos of the Chinese language tools to consciously implement the norms of national language and characters. Because of such influences and achievements, the Dictionary of Modern Chinese (3rd Edition) (10 Ways to Encourage Body Potential with a Mind Map) won the first prize and the fourth prize of the third national dictionary. Nomination for the National Book Awards.

However, this dictionary has been published for 12 years. In the past 12 years, the state has issued a number of new language and language standard standards, which need to be implemented and popularized through the language reference book; the Green Papers of the Language and Literature Social Survey published by the National Language Committee for several years provide an important basis for dictionary collection; Social and Chinese life has also undergone great changes. Some phenomena have put forward new requirements for language standardization work, and need to be guided by normative tools. Many experts and readers have written to the writing team, hoping to comprehensively revise the Modern Chinese Standard Dictionary (3rd Edition) to make it more relevant to the needs of the times. Since the summer of 2008, according to the newly published language standard standards, the actual use and changes of language and characters, the writing team and the editors of the FLTRP have cooperated with each other to start systematically collecting the words, interpretations, examples and tips of the dictionary. Make adjustments to the revision copies. This book is the revised new dictionary.

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