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Chinese Book for HSK & IGCSE Chinese: Graded Chinese Reader 3000 words 汉语分级阅读 3000 词

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Suitable for : HSK exam level 5, IGCSE mandarin subject first language & SPM Mandarin candidates

Edited by Shiji and published by Sinolingua Co., Ltd

In order to meet the needs of the readers, "Chinese Graded Reading: 3000 Words" was carefully designed during the writing process: 

1 For each story, words, difficult words, proper nouns, colloquialisms, and difficult sentences that are beyond the above vocabulary are marginalized. Some commonly used words also provides examples. 

2 Try to increase the recurrence rate of common words to enhance readers' understanding and deepen readers' memory of common Chinese words. 

 3 Sentences strive to be short, structurally complete, and try to avoid long sentences with complex structures. 

4 The main text of the story is matched with pinyin, so that students can read the dictionary as much as possible by reading the meaning of the words. 

5 In order to facilitate readers to arbitrarily select a story to read according to their own interests, the notes are repeated in a single story. 

6 In order to improve the students' listening level, "Chinese Graded Reading: 3000 Words" is equipped with a MP3 format download facility. 

7 In order to meet the different needs of students, "Chinese Graded Reading: 3000 Words" is equipped with a Pinyin Invisible Card that can hide pinyin. 

8 In addition to this, each story is accompanied by illustrations to help students understand the story more intuitively. The purpose of "Chinese Graded Reading: 3000 Words" is to further reduce the difficulty of Chinese reading and help students improve their Chinese reading and Chinese listening skills.

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