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Chinese Book for HSK & IGCSE Chinese: Graded Chinese Reader 1000 words 汉语分级阅读 1000 词

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The series, Graded Chinese Reader, is made up of such simple reading materials that have been specifically designed for students of Chinese as a foreign language with the main purpose of helping them improve their reading comprehension. This series can be useful both inside and outside the classroom.

"Graded Chinese Reader 1000 words 汉语分级阅读 1000 词" tailoring for foreigner Chinese language learners at new HSK Level 4 candidates. The book can both serve as a Chinese reading textbook and also an after-school extensive reading material. It includes 15 award-winning mini-stories from China. The book has the following features:

1. Abridged versions of mini-stories written by contemporary Chinese writers, reflecting the everyday lives of ordinary Chinese people;

2. The vocabulary in this book consists of 500 essential Chinese words, which are mainly chosen based on the first 500 Chinese words of the 1,500 high frequency words in the International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education (2008). The book also includes some of the 600 Chinese words of the Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus Level 3 (2009). The 500 high frequency words along with some new HSK Level 3 words that appear in the book are all included in the glossary;

3. Commonly used words appear in high frequency to form concise and short sentences with complete structure;

4. Pinyin is added to the complete text, English notes or sample sentences for difficult words and sentences are provided;

The same side note may appear again in the following articles to facilitate readers who want to choose an article of interest from those offered .

5. Guide to Reading and About the Author in English, and Questions in Chinese are provided for each story;

6. Accompanied by original illustrations and a MP3 format audio download facility . 

Suitable for : 

Edited by Shiji and published by Sinolingua Co., Ltd in year 2018
The selling price is RM 42  with a total of  204 pages.



2. 全书汉语词汇量控制在500个,参照《国际汉语教学通用课程大纲 2008》之1,500高频词的前500个高频词,以及《HSK 新汉语水平考试大纲》(2009)三级的600词,书后附词汇表包括HSK三级500个高频词以,及书中出现过的新HSK三级词汇。




6,具备MP3 格式语音下载功能链接,并特制“拼音隐形卡“,无需借助拼音阅读的读者可以用卡片将拼音遮盖起来。

适合: HSK 3级或以下,IGCSE (第一或第二语言试卷)考生

史迹主编,华语教学出版社 于2018 年出版

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