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汉语中级教程(第二册)Intermediate Chinese Course Vol. II

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• 北京大学对外汉语教学中心组织编写的专供外国朋友学习用的汉语系列教材,分为三个阶段,即《汉语初级教程》、《汉语中级教程》和《汉语高级教程》。三个阶段的内容密切配合,但又各自有其独立性,可以系统地采用全套教材,也可以根据水平与教学需要选择使用。

• 教材内容根据循序渐进的原则安排。初级阶段着重于基础训练,中级阶段着重于巩固并提高运用汉语的能力,高级阶段着重于培养独立阅读原著和书面表达的能力。课文内容注意题材的广泛性和体裁的多样性,力求生动活泼,反映中国的现实情况,同时也对中国文化传统的一些方面作了适当的介绍。每课都有相当分量的练习,通过练习巩固课文所学的词语和语法知识。

• 本系列教材荣获1988-1992年度中国对外汉语优秀教材一等奖。

• 本系列教程各册均配有录音带,由北京大学音像出版社出版。

This series with Chinese Elementary Course (4 volumes), Chinese Intermediate Course (2 volumes), Chinese Advanced Course (2 volumes)

The Chinese textbook series organized by the Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language of Beijing University for a foreigner, and it divided into three stages: Chinese Elementary Course, Chinese Intermediate Course and Chinese Advanced Course.Each Stages’ content are closely coordinated, but each has its own independence. A complete set of textbooks can be systematically used, or they can be selected using according to the level and teaching needs.

• The content of the textbook is arranged according to the principle of step by step. The primary stage focuses on Chinese basic training, the intermediate stage focuses on consolidating and improving the ability to use Chinese, and the advanced stage focuses on develop the ability to read Chinese books and written expressions independently. The content of the text pays attention to the breadth of the subject matter and the diversity of the genre and strives to reflect the reality of China vividly. At the same time, it also makes an appropriate introduction to some aspects of the Chinese cultural tradition. Each lesson has a considerable amount of practice, through the practice of consolidating the text learned words and grammar knowledge.

• This series of textbooks won the first prize of 1988-1992 Excellent Textbooks for Chinese as a Foreign Language.

• Each the volume of this series is available on audio cassette. It is published by Beijing University Audio and Video Press.

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