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(Ready Stock) 来华留学生专业汉语学习丛书: 数学一点通

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 This book is an indispensable reference book for international students in China to study mathematics in science and engineering. It is suitable for foreign students with a starting point or a little knowledge of Chinese. The book contains four parts: basic knowledge, vocabulary, common expression and symbols, covering most of the knowledge points of high school mathematics and common basic knowledge points of university public mathematics. This book can be used independently or in conjunction with the "Specialized Chinese Learning Series for International Students in China-Mathematics".

Incorporate relevant Chinese knowledge, with obvious instrumentality. This book takes the basic knowledge of high school mathematics and university public mathematics as the main line, introduces basic mathematics knowledge, and helps learners improve their mathematical knowledge. Moreover, the vocabulary, common expressions and other Chinese knowledge integrated into it can improve learners' scientific and technological Chinese expression ability and help learners remove language barriers encountered in the process of math learning.

The clues for the division of sectors are clear and pertinent. While sorting out and introducing the basic knowledge of mathematics, the book introduces the vocabulary, symbols, common expressions and other Chinese knowledge in the book. The knowledge is divided into 4 sections according to categories. The sections are connected and distinguished from each other and have their own Pertinence, convenient for readers to learn and retrieve.