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新HSK速成强化教程--口语(中级)New HSK Intensive Crash Course (Intermediate) for Oral Test

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★ 参照大纲和近年真题,以考点和难点为纲
★ 练习及录音分层设计,给出参考表达及录音
★ 除分项练习外,还包括5套完整模拟考试
★ 提供常用分类词汇、功能项表、语法项表
★ 编者曾担任各类汉语口试命题员及面试官
为了满足广大考生和汉语教师的需要 ,我们组织作者编写出版了这套系列教材--《新HSK速成强化教程》。教程每册对应一个级别的考试, 包括:
《新HSK速成强化教程 三级》
《新HSK速成强化教程 四级》
《新HSK速成强化教程 六级》
本书是为准备参加汉语水平口语考试HSKK (中级) 的考生和指导考试的教师编写的。本书的指导思想是针对考生的问题,以考点和难点为纲,讲练结合, 同步练习,巩固进步, 及时总结, 使得考生稳步前进,有成就感。为便于教学和自学, 本书的“听后重复” 练习、“听后重复” 重点句 130句配有录音, 看图说话练习题、回答问题练习题给出了参考表达,也配有录音。本书的考试形式、时间介绍等以大纲为基础, 结合真题,与现今HSKK (中级) 考试完全一致。
To meet the needs of the New HSK candidates and Chinese teachers, we've designed the series of textbooks-A Short Intensive Course of New HSK. With each volume corresponding to one level of the test, the series includes the following volumes:
A Short Intensive Course of New HSK (Level 3)
A Short Intensive Course of New HSK (Level 4)
A Short Intensive Course of New HSK (Level 5)
A Short Intensive Course of New HSK (Level 6)
A Short Intensive Course of New HSK: Intermediate Oral Test
A Short Intensive Course of New HSK: Advanced Oral Test
This book is written for the HSKK (Intermediate) candidates and their teachers. The guiding principles of this book are as follows: taking candidates' problems into consideration based on the testing points and difficult points, illustrating them with examples from the past tests, combining instruction with practice, reinforcing learning through immediate exercises, and making timely summaries so that candidates can make steady progress and get a feeling of fulfillment. To facilitate teaching and self-learning, the "Listen and Repeat" exercises and the "130 Key Words in Listen and Repeat" are accompanied by recording. The "Picture Talks" and "Answer the Questions" exercises are provided with reference answers and the accompanying recording too. Based on syllabus and combined with the past test questions, the form and time introduced in this book are in full accordance with the HSKK (Intermediate).
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