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Mandarin Dictionary for Primary Student: 小学生规范词典 (第4版 双色)》 Primary School Standard Dictionary (Fourth Edition)

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《小学生规范字典(第4版 双色)》是一本为小学生量身定做的字典,收字依据国家用字规范《通用规范汉字表》,同时紧扣语文课程标准要求,收常用汉字约5300个。所有字头都用楷体印刷,并根据《通用规范汉字表》中字的分级,将所有一级汉字标为绿色,便于小学生识记。每个字头提供笔画数、部首、结构、笔顺等信息,帮助学生掌握字的基本知识,并对小学生容易用错、写错、读错的字词进行提示,利于小学生掌握正确的汉字。

The Primary School Standard Dictionary (4th Edition Two-Color) is a dictionary tailored for primary school students. The word is based on the national standard specification "General Specification Chinese Character Table", and at the same time closely follows the requirements of the Chinese curriculum standards, and receives about 5300 commonly used Chinese characters. . All the words are printed in , and according to the grading of the words in the "General Specification Chinese Character Table", all the first-level Chinese characters are marked as green, which is convenient for primary school students to remember. Each head provides information such as the number of strokes, radicals, structure, stroke order, etc., to help students master the basic knowledge of the words, and to remind the primary school students to use wrong, wrong, wrong words, which is conducive to the primary school students to master the correct Chinese characters.

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