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Mandarin Dictionary for Classical Mandarin: 学生古汉语词典 (第二版)Student Ancient Chinese Dictionary (Second Edition)

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The Student Ancient Chinese Dictionary (Second Edition) (Middle School Edition) is based on the Chinese ancient poetry in the middle school. It is appropriate to supplement the old Chinese characters that are not found in Chinese textbooks. The Student Ancient Chinese Dictionary (2nd Edition) (Secondary Essential Edition) can basically meet the needs of middle school students to learn ancient Chinese, read common Chinese and read poems. For the rare and uncommon words appearing in the ancient Chinese poetry texts of the middle school Chinese textbooks, the "Old Chinese Dictionary of Students" (Second Edition) (the necessary edition of the middle school) is included, because the pronunciation and meaning of these uncommon words are also the study of the majority of middle school students. The content that often needs to be consulted in the process. For example, in the "陶庵梦忆序", the word "" in "駥駥为野野人" and "始得西山宴游记" in the "斫榛莽, 茷茅茷" the word "", "<天工开物> In the "four", "", "", "", etc., are not included in the "Chinese Dictionary of Ancient Chinese Words" (4th Edition) of the Commercial Press, and "Students Ancient Chinese" The Dictionary (2nd Edition) (Secondary Essentials Edition) is included.

The Student Ancient Chinese Dictionary (2nd Edition) (Secondary Edition) is suitable for the words that people tend to make mistakes (such as writing wrong, reading wrong, misunderstood) and important words such as ancient and modern characters. Brief reminder; for some words with similar meanings or for false words, variant characters, etc., try to discriminate. The "Student Ancient Chinese Dictionary" also specially sets up a "knowledge window" that introduces the common sense of ancient culture, and selectively sets a number of ancient artifacts in the book. The main purpose is to help middle school students systematically organize the ancient Chinese knowledge, and the second is to expand students' horizons, master some ancient cultural knowledge, and better understand the language and content of ancient literary works.

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