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(Rewrite content)Mandarin Textbook for IGCSE Chinese As a First Language 夺标——IGCSE中文(第一语言)课程写作能力训练

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剑桥IGCSE的中文课程务为三个等级:第一语言(0509), 第二语言(0523)和外语(0547),其中第一语言( 0509)是最难的,这个学生是中文程度较高, 甚至接近母语。IGCSE中文第一语言(0509) 的课程设置包括阅读理解和写作能力, 阅读理解又分为两个部分:回答问题与概括性写作部分, 写作能力也分为两个部分:议论文和记叙描写文。

从课程设置我们可以看出,IGCSE中文第一语言(0509) 看重学生的写作能力。除了回答问题,其余三部外都和 “写作能力” 有直接的关系。对于国际学校的学生或生活海外的中国学生来说, 写作往往是他们最薄弱的环节。

本书就是要帮助这些学生,在非母语环境下能够写出达到课程 求的汉语文章来。本书对符合课程要求的写作文本进行分析, 并做出构思导图,让学生对概括性写、议论文、记叙文、 描写文的结构和写作手法有更清晰的认识, 从而找到快速提高汉语写作水平的捷径。

适合: IGCSE中文(第一语言)考生 / 华小六年级以上学生参考

冯微微、何怡然编著,华语教学出版社 于201 年出版

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Cambridge IGCSE has three levels of Chinese language courses: first language (0509), second language (0523) and foreign language (0547). The first language (0509) is the most difficult. The curriculum of IGCSE Chinese First Language (0509) includes reading comprehension and writing ability. Reading comprehension is divided into two parts: answering questions and general writing parts. Writing ability is also divided into two parts: argumentative papers and narrative descriptions. .

From the curriculum settings we can see that IGCSE Chinese first language (0509) values students' writing ability. In addition to answering questions, the other three are directly related to “writing ability”. For international school students or Chinese students living overseas, writing is often their weakest point.

This book is to help these students to write Chinese articles that meet the curriculum requirements in a non-native language environment. This book analyzes the writing texts that meet the requirements of the course, and makes ideas and maps, so that students can have a clearer understanding of the general writing, argumentative papers, narratives, description structure and writing techniques, so as to find a quick improvement in Chinese writing.

Suitable for: IGCSE Chinese (first language) examination candidates

Edited by Feng Weiwei, He Yiran, and published by Sinolingua Co., Ltd in year 2018
The selling price is RM 39  with a total of  100 pages.

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