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国际汉语教师证书备考指南 汉语知识篇 Preparation Guide for the International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate (Chinese Knowledge)

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According to the writers of "Standards for International Chinese Teachers" (2012), "Outline of Knowledge for International Chinese Teachers' Certificate" (2015) and the published sample questions, I hope to help the test to understand and master modern Chinese. 
Modern Chinese phonetics, Chinese characters, grammar and revision are concise and concise, vocabulary, vocabulary, but the knowledge to be carried out, strives to reflect the whole picture of modern Chinese grammar, and strives to avoid trouble, and uses tables to display relevant aspects. When teaching Chinese grammar, it also introduces the characteristics of international Chinese grammar teaching. The answers of this book also design sections such as "Exam Preparation Guide", "Simulation Reference Exercise" and "Knowledge Link", with simulation exercises.


  • 对现代汉语的语音、汉字、词汇、语法以及修辞进行了简明、扼要的梳理,力求反映现代汉语语法的全貌,但又力避烦琐,尽量采用表格的方式对有关知识进行展示。
  • 在介绍汉语语法知识时,注重突出国际汉语教学的特点。
  • 本书还专门设计了“备考指南”“模拟练习”“知识链接”等板块,附有模拟练习的参考答案。
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