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国际汉语教师证书备考指南 基础语法篇 International Chinese Teacher Certificate Exam Preparation Guide (Basic Grammar)

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This book selects 33 grammar points that are common in the examination of "International Chinese Teacher Certificate" (formerly known as "International Chinese Teacher Certificate") in elementary Chinese teaching. The seven aspects of thinking questions and references are explained, aiming to let the candidates clarify the core grammatical meaning of each grammatical point, the main form and typical example sentences, the typical situation of use, the key points and difficulties of teaching, and the difference with related forms, and master each grammatical point. Methods and techniques for introducing, explaining, practicing and designing classroom activities. 
This book is equipped with grammar point teaching demonstration micro-lectures from front-line teachers. It is specially designed for the "Talking" and "Trial Lectures" in the "International Chinese Teacher Certificate" interview, and can provide candidates with authoritative teaching guidance.



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