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体验汉语写作教程(初级1)Experiencing Chinese:Writing Book (Elementary 1)

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‘Experiencing Chinese Writing Book’ is a series of textbooks designed by the Office of Chinese Language Council International for long-term students studying abroad. This textbook concentrates on writing tasks. It combines language learning with expression function learning as the teaching methods. On the one hand, it improves learners' written expression level in a planned way and it also consolidates learners' knowledge learned in the comprehensive course and the other language skills course to promote the comprehensive development of learners' Chinese communication ability. The textbook features the following:

1. The teaching level, content and the difficulty of the textbook can be determined according to the vocabulary, grammar and function items in the ‘Chinese Teaching Syllabus for Foreign Students in Institutions of University’, which can be used in conjunction with a variety of other textbooks.

2. This textbook had used the applicable written task as the mainline of writing.

3. This textbook had used the task-centred experiential as the classroom teaching model.

4. Each topic are closely related to international students' life, Chinese national conditions, Chinese culture and the other topics which closely to international students.

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