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Ready Stock Voyages in Chinese (Middle School)(Teacher's Book) Vol. 1 中学汉语(教师用书)(第1册)

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The Teacher’s Book pedagogically prepares the instructors to teach the series’ contents in a convenient manner. Each lesson includes learning objectives, suggested teaching steps and main points, keys to the exercises, suggested classroom activities, language tips and cultural tips. The four distinct features for this book are as follows:

1) The learning objectives are graded specifically to meet the demands of the students
with different language levels;
2) A variety of classroom activities and games are offered based on the need of overseas
classroom teaching;
3) English and Chinese versions are included for suggested classroom activities and
cultural tips in order to minimize the teacher’s burden of preparing lessons;
4) The Teacher’s Book acts as a link between the Student’s Book, Workbook and PPT courseware. For example, the suggested classroom activities in the Teacher’s Book are demonstrated in the PPT . 

Edited by Li Xiaoqi and published by Sinolingua Co., Ltd in year 2015
The selling price is RM 49  with a total of  190 pages. 

教师用书教学准备教师以方便的方式教授系列内容。 每节课包括学习目标、教学步骤和教学要点,重点练习、课堂活动建议,语言提示和文化提示。 本书的四个不同特征如下:

4)教师用书作为学生用书,练习册和PPT课件之间的链接。 例如,教师用书中建议的课堂活动在PPT中进行了演示。

适合: IGCSE (汉语为外语)、IB考生、初学者

李晓琪主编,华语教学出版社 于2015 年出版

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