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世界地图-中英文版 MAP OFTHE WORLD-Chinese-English

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Travel through seven continents and four oceans and harvest geographical knowledge!
Take the picture as the medium, go to the world!
Open a window to learn about the world!

For more than 50 years, Chengdu Map Publishing House has developed into the only map publishing house with professional characteristics in southwest China. It has a strong, innovative and enterprising book publishing and distribution and map compilation team, and has become a diversified professional publishing house integrating book publishing and distribution, map editing and customization, Internet map and electronic map services, geographic information system services, advertising services and other businesses.

For more than 50 years, our company has taken advantage of the purpose of "dedicating fine products and serving the public" to publish books covering various fields such as political districts, transportation, tourism, history, geography, children's, knowledge, life, primary and secondary school textbooks and teaching aids, etc., and has won wide recognition and praise from the majority of readers. At the same time, carrying forward the spirit of arduous dedication to surveying and mapping, giving play to the role of surveying and mapping emergency support, and carrying out fruitful and extensive cooperation with civil affairs, land, transportation, tourism, water conservancy, forestry, electric power, earthquakes, planning, surveying and other related fields, and maintaining long-term and good cooperative relations with the United States, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Japan and other countries, as well as Hong Kong and Hewan regions of China.



五十余年来,我社乘承“奉献精品、服务大众” 的宗旨,出版图书涵盖政区、交通、旅游、历史、地理、少儿、知识、生活、中小学教材教辅等各个领域,赢得了广大读者的广泛认可和赞誉。同时,发扬测绘艰苦奉献精神,发挥测绘应急保障作用,与民政、国土、交通、旅游、水利、林业、电力、地震、规划、勘测等相关领域进行了 卓有成效的广泛合作,并与美国、英国、德国、韩国、日本等国家及中国香港、合湾地区保持着长久良好的合作关系。

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