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Graphic YCT Vocabular / YCT图解词汇手册(一级)

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The YCT Illustrated Vocabulary Handbook series of books is based on the YCT Exam Syllabus and Test Taking Guide (2016 Edition) (Level 1-4) compiled by the Confucius Institute Headquarters/Sate Hanban, with the aim of helping primary and secondary school learners of Chinese to understand and master the vocabulary of all levels of the YCT as soon as possible, so as to enable them to use it correctly and appropriately in exams and communication. 

Editor-in-chief: Jiang Liping, Professor of Beijing Language and Culture University, Doctoral Supervisor. Her main research areas are the theory of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, pedagogy and teaching materials research. She has published a number of monographs and teaching materials, such as Theory of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, How to Teach Chinese to Foreigners, Chinese Classroom Language Tutorial for Teachers, etc. She has published more than ten papers in journals, such as Language Teaching and Research and Chinese Language Learning, etc., and has travelled to Japan, the United States, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, and other countries and regions to teach and give lectures for a number of times.

Editor: Gao Yang, Teacher of Beijing Language and Culture University

Combined with the syllabus--easily and efficiently master the vocabulary of the test

Innovative illustrations--Analyse the usage of words with illustrations.

Abundant Sentences--Improve Communication Skills by Keeping in Touch with Daily Life

Left and right side-by-side - easy to read and optimise the study efficiency.

Learning and Practising--Consolidation and Improvement of Learning and Examination

Author: Jiang Liping Editor-in-chief

Medium: Paperback


Book Page:161


Publication date:2020-01

Book weight: 239 g

Annotation Language: English

Applicable Age:Primary,Secondary

Type: Vocabulary

Language level: Elementary



编著:高扬 北京语言大学教师






作者:姜丽萍 主编

  • 介质:纸质书
  • ISBN:9787561955154
  • 图书页数:161
  • 开本:24开
  • 出版时间:2020-01
  • 图书重量: 239 g
  • 注释语种:英文
  • 适用年龄:小学,中学
  • 课型:词汇
  • 语言水平:初级
  • 定价: 98.00 元

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