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国际汉语教师证书备考指南 教学篇 International Chinese Teacher Certificate Preparation Guide Teaching

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This book is based on "International Chinese Teachers Standards" (2015), "International Chinese Teachers Certificate"

 Examination Syllabus (2015) and published sample questions, etc., are designed to help candidates improve their international ability to teach Chinese and successfully passed the interview.  The most important feature of this book is "Teach people how to fish."
 ●Provide test preparation strategies and related background knowledge to enrich the knowledge reserve of candidates;
 ●Pay attention to the analysis of problem-solving ideas, inspire candidates to think around the test site, and learn by analogy
 ●The test questions in the classroom teaching of primary and secondary schools are attached with teaching design and strategies to make up for the teaching of candidates lack of experience.

本书根据《国际汉语教师标准》(2015)、《国际汉语教师证书考试大纲》(2015) 以及公布的样题等编写,旨在帮助考生提高国际汉语教学能力,顺利通过面试。本书的最大特点是“授人以渔”, 具体如下
●重视解题思路的分析, 围绕考点启发考生思考, 触类旁通
●中小学课堂教学方面的试题附教学设计和策略, 弥补考生教学经验不足的缺憾。

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