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剑桥大学国际考试中文第二语言:写作与口语训练 Writing & Speaking Skill of IGSCE 0523 Chinese as Second Language

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◆本书是针对剑桥大学国际考试中文第二语言(IGCSE 0523)的写作与口语训练用书,根据 IGCSE 0523新大纲(2020年首次考试)考试要求编写,四大主题全面覆盖。



关于作者冯薇薇(Vivienne Fung),有近二十年的1GCSE中文课程教学经验,曾参与IGCSE 0523课程的初始设计,并参与编著英基协会学校内部《 IGCSE 0523教学资源》和试题样卷。

齐媛(Eileen Qi),香港中文教师,熟悉IGCSE中文课程体系,考试大纲及评分准则,了解中文作为第二语言学习者的普遍学习特点及困难,具有丰富的IGCSE 0523的教学经验。

About this book

◆This book is a writing and speaking training book for the Cambridge University International Examination Chinese as a Second Language (IGCSE 0523). It is compiled according to the examination requirements of the IGCSE 0523 New Syllabus (the first examination in 2020). The four major topics are fully covered.

"Pre-training preparation" provides commonly used styles, language points, related words, and question expressions, aiming to help students lay a good foundation in language. "Writing training" provides simulation exercises, answering skills and high-scoring model essays, and a practice question bank with high-frequency topics Words, a more targeted analysis of typical errors in writing, aimed at helping students effectively improve their writing skills.

"Spoken English Training" provides personal oral text examples, additional questions, and general dialogue question and answer exercises to help students effectively improve their oral English.

About the author,:

Vivienne Fung, has nearly 20 years of teaching experience in the IGCSE Chinese course, participated in the initial design of the IGCSE 0523 course, and participated in the compilation of the internal "IGCSE 0523 Teaching Resources" and sample papers of the English Foundation School.

Eileen Qi, a Chinese teacher in Hong Kong, is familiar with the IGCSE Chinese curriculum system, examination syllabus and grading criteria, understands the common learning characteristics and difficulties of Chinese as a second language learner, and has rich teaching experience in IGCSE 0523.

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