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Learning in China: Intensive Chinese Series 学在中国 • 基础教程 1

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本教材适用于来华接受预科教育的汉语零起点的外国留学生,也适用于追求短期高效学习的语言进修生和希望快速通过HSK四级考试的考生。在与“学在中国”汉语强化系列其他教材配合使用的情况下,本教材旨在帮助学生在半年内掌握HSK四级考试大纲、《国际汉语教学通用课程大纲》和《中国政府奖学金本科来华留学生预科教育教学大纲》的相关词汇和汉语语法点,完成相应水平的基础字、词、句、语言点的学习。This textbook is suitable for foreign students who come to China to receive preparatory education and have a zero start in Chinese, as well as for advanced students who are looking for short-term and efficient learning, and candidates who want to pass the HSK Level 4 exam quickly. Used in conjunction with other textbooks in the "Learning in China" Intensive Chinese Language Series, this textbook aims to help students master the relevant vocabulary and Chinese grammar points in the HSK Level 4 Exam syllabus, the General Curriculum for International Chinese Language Teaching and the Syllabus for Chinese Government Scholarships for Undergraduates in Pre-college Education in China in half a year, and complete the corresponding level of basic vocabulary, vocabulary, and grammar points. the study of basic words, phrases, sentences and language points at the corresponding level.


金晓艳,东北师范大学国际汉学院教授、博导、院长,全国汉语国际教育专业学位研究生教育指导委员会委员,国家汉办"东北师范大学国际汉语教师培训基地"和国务院侨办"东北师范大学华文教育基地"常务副主任,研究领域为汉语国际教育、现代汉语语法、篇章语言学。Jin Xiaoyan is a professor, doctoral director and dean of the International College of Chinese Studies at Northeast Normal University, a member of the National Steering Committee for Postgraduate Education of Professional Degree in Chinese International Education, and the executive deputy director of the International Chinese Teacher Training Base of Northeast Normal University of China by the Hanban of China, and the Chinese Language Education Base of Northeast Normal University by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. His research interests include Chinese international education, modern Chinese grammar and chapter linguistics.

刘涛,东北师范大学国际汉学院副院长,全国预科教育教学指导委员会成员,研究方向为预科教育、汉语国际教育。曾任克罗地亚萨格勒布大学哲学学院公派教师,长年主管外国留学生预科教学,具备丰富的一线教学与管理经验。LIU Tao, Deputy Director of the International College of Chinese Language at Northeast Normal University, member of the National Teaching Steering Committee of Preparatory Education, with research interests in preparatory education and Chinese language international education. He was a public teacher at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and has been in charge of the teaching of preparatory education for foreign students for many years, and has rich experience in front-line teaching and management.

王斯璐、刘育雁和陈鸿瑶均为东北师范大学国际汉学院一线汉语教师,具有丰富的汉语教学经验。Wang Silu, Liu Yuyan and Chen Hongyao are all first-line Chinese teachers at the International College of Chinese Language and Culture of Northeast Normal University, and have rich experience in Chinese language teaching.


ISBN: 978-7-5213-0624-8

开本: 16开

页数: 516

出版时间: 2019-04

适用课型: 汉语综合课

语言水平: 初级

注释语种: 英汉对照

适用年级: 大学

Xiaoyan Jin, Tao Liu, General Editor; Slu Wang, Yuyan Liu, Hongyao Chen, Editors-in-Chief

ISBN: 978-7-5213-0624-8

Opening: 16

Pages: 516

Publication date: 2019-04

Applicable Course Type: Integrated Chinese

Language level: Elementary

Language level: Elementary

Level: University

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