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Learning Chinese Knowing China 1 《学汉语 知中国1》

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Learning Chinese Knowing China 1  contains 12 lessons in total, including columns corresponding to the text and vocabulary, word identification, language points, word exercises, text exercises, topic exercises, and so on.《学汉语 知中国1》一共包含12课,包含分栏对应的课文与生词、词语辨析、语言点、词语练习、课文练习、话题练习等。

1. The texts are rich in interesting themes and have strong topicality.

The texts are rich in content, covering all aspects of contemporary life in China. The topics are strong and relevant to the learners' real life and experience, focusing on storytelling, emotion and inspiration. The vivid and interesting language can stimulate the learners' interest and inspire their thinking.


2. Language is the warp and culture is the woof, which are mutually exclusive and deeply integrated. Chinese geography, history, famous people and events, folklore, language and culture, general social issues, cultural values, etc. are designed as the main topics of the text to help learners enhance their knowledge and understanding of Chinese society while learning Chinese.


3. Focus on high-frequency repetition of vocabulary and language points Focusing on the repetition of vocabulary and language points, the text, sample sentences, exercises and other parts of the text fully reflect the high repetition rate.
3.注重词汇与语言点的高频复现. 注重生词和语言点的复现,在课文、例句、练习等部分都充分体现出较高的复现率。

4. Practice questions are targeted and practical.

The exercises not only have a sufficient number of questions and a rich variety of question types, but also cover all skill dimensions of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and are highly targeted and practical, which can help learners improve their Chinese language proficiency in an effective and comprehensive way.


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