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(Ready Stock) 来华留学生专业汉语学习丛书: 科技汉语听说教程

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This course is the main language textbook of "Professional Chinese Learning Series for International Students in China-Science and Technology Chinese Series". It is a special Chinese textbook compiled for international students in science and engineering to study in the preparatory stage. Bridges and ties.

This course is in conjunction with the "Science and Technology Chinese Reading and Writing Course". The content of the exercises is mainly listening, supplemented by speaking. The main goal is to cultivate the basic Chinese knowledge and foundation required by foreign students in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer. Chinese skills, improve their scientific and technological Chinese listening and speaking skills, eliminate language barriers in listening and speaking for their professional courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer, and provide necessary language support for professional courses.

This tutorial highlights the humanized design in details, such as the addition of the Mp3 catalog, which is convenient for students to search and self-study, and improve the learning efficiency; the "Listening Text and Reference Answers" booklet is accompanied by handwritten recording text, and distinguishes three stages with different levels of continuous writing , It is helpful to improve students' recognition and reading efficiency of handwriting blackboard after entering the department; new words and pronunciation exercises are equipped with recordings, and files are divided according to new words and exercises, which is convenient for students to repeatedly imitate pronunciation and speed up the code conversion of knowledge.

   This book provides a matching MP3, which contains the new words and pronunciation exercises of each lesson.